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Who are we?

Scientific Technology Systems www.7049863.comW日本高清免费视频M免费 www.7049863.com
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www.7049863.com 2020-03-21 offers a wide range of quality and state-of-the art Ventilation special solutions to the most sensitive sectors, such as the Bio Safety Labs, Nuclear industry, High-security technologies and Critical air flow controls for labs and fume hoods. We are the partners for Krantz GmbH, Germany who is specialized in Air Distribution systems for more than 100 years.


We are part of Acoustical Surfaces

We are a division of Acoustical Surfaces Pvt Ltd, which is a multi-disciplined contracting company specialized in Acoustical Solutions and similar engineering products. We have our presence in the Middle East through our Group company, MOOV Group. We are focused on the satisfaction of clients backed by quality and commitment to their services.

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International Centre for Foot and Mouth Disease - Bhubaneswar,India